May 13, 2020

Lighting is an integral part of the atmosphere of your home. If a room is too bright, it could look like an operating room. A room that is too dark makes it difficult to do anything in it. Here are the four biggest lighting mistakes people make.

1. No Layers of Light

Many people just rely on the overhead lighting in their home. This type of lighting, called ambient, lights the room but casts shadows on corners. Overhead lights also typically emit light in a particular direction, so areas outside of that direction are not well-lit.

You should have floor and table lamps in a room to create layers of light. This adds accent lighting so you aren’t just using ambient lighting. Using mutitple forms of lighting makes it easier to see what you are doing while lighting up dark corners of the room.

2. Ignoring Energy Usage

People still use incandescent lighting in their home even though it’s an outdated technology. LED bulbs are far more efficient and can save you $180 a year or more on your electricity bills. LED technology has gotten much better since these types of bulbs were introduced, so they can now produce very natural lighting in your home.

3. Having the Wrong Paint Color

Some colors of paint reflect light, while other ones absorb it. Walls should be painted a light color so a room appears brighter and roomier. Dark walls create a room that is dim and appears smaller than it really is.

4. Blocking Natural Light

The light of the sun is free and makes a room look and feel natural. Too often people cover windows, which blocks natural light from entering their home. You and your houseplants will benefit from natural light, as will your electricity bills.

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