Dimmer SwitchIt's On Electrical, LLC is proud to offer dimmer switch installation and dimmer switch replacement assistance in Ambler, PA, and the surrounding areas. We’re always ready to show you the benefits of upgrading your home lighting. People usually don’t know the wide variety of dimmer switches available today. Traditionally, one would operate by sliding a control up and down or rotating a knob. In addition, dimmer switches these days even come with remote control mechanisms or touchpads, making the user experience more convenient than ever.

    Making the upgrade is a lot more affordable than you might think. We’ll ensure that you understand every part of your estimate, and we never add any hidden fees to your bill for any of the indoor or outdoor lighting design services we offer.

    Benefits of Dimmer Switch Installation

    Today’s homeowner has a lot of great new options when it comes to lighting solutions, and dimmer switches offer more convenience than ever before. A dimmer switch gives you and your family the ability to decide exactly how much or how little light you want in the room. You can turn up the light all the way to help you see what you’re doing when you’re straightening up, and you can dim the lights as you watch TV or enjoy a quiet dinner.

    There are several good reasons to schedule dimmer switch replacement or a new installation and upgrade your home lighting.
    • Flexible amount of lighting
    • Less frequent bulb replacement
    • Enhanced ambience
    • Lower energy bills
    • Higher home resale value

    Since they reduce the time duration of its greatest energy output, dimmers can increase the longevity of a light source. They can work with incandescent or LED bulbs and prolong their lifespan. You might get an extra three or four years out of your bulbs.

    One of the greatest advantages of dimmers is the precise control they give you over the flow of electricity to the lights in your home. By utilizing them, you could save up to 90% of the energy you currently spend on lighting.

    Led light

    Furthermore, dimmer switches can be employed with any type of installation you have in mind from overhead light fixtures to recessed lighting. We can help you with dimmer switch installation, and we’ll also be happy to take a look around your home and make safety and energy-efficiency recommendations.

    Ambler’s Best Dimmer Switch Replacement Team

    When you need to install or replace a dimmer switch, our team of electricans at It's On Electrical, LLC is ready to help. We’ve been serving Ambler and surrounding areas for over eight years, and we’re fully dedicated to our customers. Whether you live near the Fort Washington Expressway or Butler Avenue, we’re here to offer you a customer service encounter that’s second to none. We will perform all our professional electrical assistance according to standard labor schedules, and we stand behind all our work with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. We’re located on Pen Ambler Road, and we can conveniently provide you with professional electrical assistance anywhere in Montgomery County.

    Fixing Switches

    Contact us at It's On Electrical, LLC today if you have any questions about dimmer switch installation and replacement options or if you’d like to arrange an appointment.

    Not in need of a new dimmer switch? We also offer lighting repair and recessed lighting installation.