An EV charging station in Ambler, PA installed in your home helps ensure your electric vehicle remains fully charged. Hence, it eliminates the fret of locating a commercial electric vehicle charging station when your car needs power. However, EV charger installations involve dangerous electrical wiring. Therefore, you need a skilled electrician for the safest job possible.

    Our electricians at It's On Electrical, LLC are highly trained to work on various electrical installations, including EV charging stations. They also have years of experience in the field. So, when you choose us for your service, you can have confidence in a secure job. If you currently have a station for charging your EV and it needs repair or is due for maintenance, we can help with that as well.

    Electric Vehicle Charging Station Repair

    Even the best quality electric vehicle charging stations will require repair after years of continuous use. For instance, the cable connections may become damaged, the ventilation fan might short circuit, or its voltage level could decrease. Should any of these issues occur, it can prevent your station from working or putting out full power.

    If this is your case, our professional electricians can physically inspect your station to pinpoint signs of damage. If it is a low-charge issue, they can run a multimeter test of your station to troubleshoot the cause. They’ll then use their expertise and the proper equipment to make the necessary repairs to restore it to full function.

    EV Charging Station Installation in Ambler

    Having an EV charging station put into your home is both exciting and convenient. However, to ensure it works properly, it needs to be professionally installed. Otherwise, you run the risk of misplaced electrical wiring, which can damage your station and car when it is in use.

    It can also be a fire hazard to your property overall. Instead, contact us at It's On Electrical, LLC for your EV charging station installation. For your peace of mind, we’ll send our best electricians to complete your addition skillfully and safely.

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    Expert EV charger installations performed by our qualified electricians provide many advantages:
    • Hazard-free set-up
    • Trusted materials and parts
    • Protection for your investment
    • Customer satisfaction guarantee
    • Greater convenience in charging your vehicle

    Electric Vehicle Charging Station Maintenance

    Once you have your own electric vehicle charging station installed in your home, it is important to keep it maintained. This ensures it will continue to perform at its best and serve you for years. Our licensed professionals can perform this task for you. We will also fix any potential issues that could cause your charger station to malfunction. Hence, you can avoid emergency breakdowns and save on future repair costs.

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    For a top-notch EV charging station service in Ambler that cares about your money and your safety, contact us at It's On Electrical, LLC today. We’re also available for service on generators, electrical panels, electrical repair, and more.