January 5, 2021

Homebuyers increasingly recognize the value provided by whole-house generators. “Consumers Report” estimated that these permanently connected backup generators can boost a home’s resale value by 3 to 5 percent. The cost vs. value report at “Remodeling Magazine” estimated that these generators retain roughly 54 percent of their installation value.

Whole-House Generators Offer a Strong Selling Feature

Whole-house generators may not look exciting on real estate listing photos, but savvy buyers know how much they have to offer. Losing power can range from highly inconvenient to dangerous for some individuals.

With more people working from home these days, a power outage means a disrupted workday. It could mean many lost days of work when grid damage is significant. Whole-house generators also protect food, like a freezer filled with meat and vegetables.

People who rely on medical equipment in the home cannot risk a prolonged power loss. A whole-house generator protects against this threat. The equipment activates automatically when grid-supplied power cuts out. Once the grid regains power, the generator shuts off.

Installation of a whole-house generator requires the services of an electrician, like those on the team at It's On Electrical, LLC in Ambler, PA. We can position the generator correctly on an outdoor pad and complete the wiring for the transfer switch that manages the connection between your house, the generator, and the grid.

Whole-House Generators Protect Your Investment

Many homes depend on sump pumps to prevent basement flooding. When you have a whole-house generator, you can rest assured that the sump pump will work after a power outage. This is a great source of peace of mind when people travel.

Professional, Proficient Electrical Services

At It's On Electrical, LLC, we continually update our training so that we can deliver electrical services to the highest standards of safety. We want to offer you peace of mind that we can complete your job every time you invite us into your home. Whether you need emergency repairs or are planning a big remodeling project, we’ll provide skilled service. We routinely install lighting, complete inspections, build whole-house surge protectors, and more. Contact us today.

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