September 19, 2020

Most people do not think much about the electricity in their homes unless something goes wrong. However, it is a good idea to have a little understanding of how the power you use in your residence is measured. This could help prevent you from overloading your home’s electrical system and causing a hazardous situation.

What Are Amps?

Amp is short for ampere, which is a unit for measuring how fast electrical current flows. If you look at your circuit breaker box, you will see that most of your circuits are marked with a limit of 15–20 amps. If you have a new home with an upgraded electrical system, you may see higher numbers on your breakers. Your breakers will trip when you exceed their amp limits. This is to protect your home’s wiring and appliances from damage. You can calculate how many amps your devices or appliances are using — just divide the number of watts by volts.

What Are Watts?

Watts are the base units that measure how much energy is released per second in an electrical system. You might be most familiar with watt measurements in relation to light bulbs. Consider for a moment how bright a 100-watt bulb is when compared to a 40-watt bulb. This is because the 100-watt bulb can release more energy to give you a brighter light. The trade-off, however, is that the more watts you employ, the more electricity you’ll use. To calculate watts, you multiply amps by volts.

What Are Volts?

Volts are the units that comprise voltage. They measure the force that drives an electrical current between two points. If the circuit is broken between those two points, the current will stop. In the United States, the standard voltage output for home electrical outlets is 120V, while homes in Europe have 240V outlets. To calculate volts, divide watts by amps.

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