September 15, 2022
Electrical Panel Inspection in Ambler, PA

Electrical inspections are an important part of any home inspection. You can’t see everything going on in a house with just a visual inspection, but an electrical inspection gives you a good idea of the state of all the wires and electric components.
A proper inspection will help you protect your property from potential damage and expenses in the long run.

1. The Electric Meter Is Checked for Possible Defects

The meter is checked first to see if it was properly installed. Sometimes the mechanisms become defective through wear and tear. Water may sometimes seep into the main electric panel and cause rust and water damage.

2. Electrical Wires Are Inspected for Fraying or Damage

Electricians look out for fraying wires, wires popping out of their protective coating and wires dangling from walls. Damaged wires are especially a concern for you since they are more likely to cause fires.

3. GFCI Outlets Are Checked for Correct Wiring

This is a safety measure to keep you away from shock. GFCI outlets have a cut-out switch that automatically turns off the electric current. They detect irregularities such as water or moisture in the outlet. They are essential for your home’s safety; that’s why electricians double-check their wiring to ensure they are in working order.

4. The Capacity of the Circuit Breaker Is Assessed

During the inspection, the electrician will check if the breaker can maintain currents at safe levels. They will also determine if there is any fire risk from water damage, rust or other structural and mechanical problems. The breaker’s functionality is assessed to maintain electrical safety.

By scheduling an electrical inspection, you can be sure that the electrical wires in your home are in great condition. This requires the expertise and knowledge of a professional electrician, like those of us at It's On Electrical, LLC in Ambler, PA. From increasing your utility bills to posing fire risks, electrical issues aren’t something to ignore — let us take care of them! We also offer interior and landscape lighting services. Contact us at It's On Electrical, LLC today for more information.

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