February 17, 2023
Electrician Working on Electrical Breaker in Ambler, PA

Also known as a distribution board, the electrical panel in your Ambler, Pennsylvania home divides the building’s electrical supply into individual circuits. Each circuit has its own protective breaker or fuse, and each controls a specific appliance or electrical service zone. If you’ve just purchased your property or if you haven’t improved this feature in a while, it may be time to schedule an upgrade. Following are five indications that aN electrical panel upgrade is past due.

1. Your Home Still Has a Fuse Box

If you own an older property, your electrical system may be controlled by a central fuse box. Circuit breakers are far superior to fuses when it comes to handling modern electricity demands. Switching to circuit breakers in this instance is an easy way to modernize this building feature, add value to your home investment, minimize the risk of electrical fires, and solve a host of small, common electrical problems. This is additionally an opportunity to “heavy up” by switching to 200-amp service from either 100-amp or 150-amp service.

2. Your Breakers Are Always Tripping

If you’re constantly having to reset your breakers at the circuit breaker box, this may be an indication of wiring problems, a water-related electrocution hazard, or another serious issue. However, in older homes and in homes that haven’t had their electrical systems upgraded to match their electricity demands, it’s an indication of electrical overload and the need for an upgraded panel.

3. Your Lights Flicker When a Major Appliance Turns On

Another sign that your electrical panel isn’t up to the task is flickering lights. If your lights flicker off and on when your washing machine, dishwasher, or HVAC system turns on, upgrading your panel could preserve the lifespan of your appliances. Mini-surge events like these can expedite wear and tear, and cause a host of internal problems.

4. Your Breaker Box Is Crackling, Buzzing, or Emitting Strange Smells

It’s definitely time to schedule service if your breaker box is making strange, crackling or buzzing sounds. You should check the area for scorch marks, singe marks, smoke, and damaged insulation.

5. You Haven’t Upgraded Your Home’s Electrical Panel in Over Two Decades

Every home should have its electrical system upgraded about once every 20 years. Thus, even if you aren’t seeing singe marks, smoke, or other signs of distress, it’s still time to pay for an upgrade. Regularly refreshing this system is the best way to keep it functioning both reliably and safely.

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