September 20, 2021
Electrical Safety in Ambler, PA

Autumn is right around the corner, and now is the perfect time to review electric safety tips. Knowing these tips will help you to minimize the risk of electric shock and fire.

1. Check Plugs

You will want to go throughout your home and check your plugs periodically to make sure that the plugs are in the outlets well and not loose. Loose plugs can overheat, which can cause a fire.

2. Test Ground Circuits

During the fall months, you will want to check your ground fault circuits. This will help to ensure that they are working properly when you press the test button.

3. Cover Outlets

If you have young children in your home, it is good to make sure that you use outlet safety covers. These covers help to prevent children from putting toys or their fingers near the electrical socket.

4. Circuit Breaker Issues

If you have to reset your circuit breakers frequently, you will want to call an electrician to find out what the issue is. You may need to upgrade your electrical panel to solve this problem.

5. Check Light Bulb Wattage

People do not often pay attention to the wattage of light bulbs that they put in their light fixtures. If the light bulb is not the correct wattage, it can cause the light bulb to burn out or even break.

6. Outdoor Electrical Tips

You will want to make sure that you check out your electric power tools for wear and tear before using them in the fall. For example, you should inspect your leaf blower for any cord damage and replace it if need be. You will also want to make sure that you keep dry leaves away from your power cords, outdoor outlets, and outdoor lighting.

At It's On Electrical, LLC, we want to make sure that your home is safe this fall. We serve the Ambler, PA, area and offer various electrical services, including indoor and outdoor lighting needs. If you have any trouble with your electrical system, please give us a call today so that we can send out one of our electricians to help you.

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