February 18, 2021

Humidity causes electrical issues inside homes due to condensation. It negatively affects wiring and equipment in your residence. Typically, humidity is the amount of water vapor present in the atmosphere. The moisture emanates from bathing, cooking, washing dishes, and drying clothes. Cooling and heating appliances make the air humid as well. Here are ways that humidity leads to electrical problems.

Breakdowns in Electric Equipment

When your electric devices malfunction, humidity could be the problem. Water seeps through to the equipment and damages essential components. The fan could stop working in your AC or laptop, leading to overheating. The next time you try powering them on, they won’t work.

Short Circuits

Water vapor can get into the panel box and cause frequent tripping or short-circuiting. The problem comes from humidity that corrodes wires and makes them loose. You can rely on us at It's On Electrical, LLC to inspect the wiring in your home. You won’t experience short circuits anymore since we will find the problem’s root cause and fix it.

Dim and Wavering Lights

When your lights flicker and appear dim, wires in your switches have rusted. Moisture settles on switches, resulting in loose connections. Therefore, you will experience wavering lights from time to time. Kitchens and bathrooms are prone to the issue because humidity levels are high as you cook and bathe.

Power Surge

A power surge is also known as an electrical surge. It occurs due to high voltage owing to water droplets finding their way to the appliances and electric contacts. Wires will rust and corrode, meaning they won’t work correctly. Your home will experience power loss for some seconds or minutes. The action is crucial in protecting your equipment from any electric damages.

Increased Electricity Bills

Power surges are one of the key reasons why you are paying high electricity bills. For instance, when water damages the fan in your AC, it will strain to cool your home. You will notice that it runs continuously. The machine will consume a lot of power trying to give you comfort.

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