February 15, 2022
Circuit Breaker in Ambler, PA

Tripping the circuit breaker is a common home issue that could just mean you overloaded a circuit. However, it can also indicate potential wiring issues that need professional intervention immediately. Keep an eye out for these wiring problems in your home.

Overloaded Circuit

This is the most common issue you may face when the power in one area of your home suddenly goes out. One too many appliances or light fixtures were plugged in and tried to draw more power than the circuit had to offer. This issue can easily be fixed by resetting the circuit breaker and unplugging the new appliance. Monitor the energy use around your home to minimize overloaded circuits.

Short Circuit

Short circuits or hard shorts happen when a hot wire touches a neutral wire. Electricity is allowed to flow with minimal resistance, which trips the breaker. This can happen due to circuit wiring or an issue with an appliance or device. You may be dealing with a short circuit if the circuit breaker trips immediately after you’ve reset it. This issue can be difficult to fix by yourself and often requires a professional.

Ground Fault

Ground faults occur when a hot wire touches a ground wire or nearby metal like the breaker box. This type of fault is similar to a short circuit and may cause the breaker to trip again. Ground faults carry a higher risk of shock and can be more dangerous in damp areas like the kitchen. Contact a professional electrician immediately if your circuit breaker is repeatedly tripping or won’t turn on.

Trusted Electrical Service in Ambler

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