January 19, 2023
Best Electrical Wiring in Ambler, PA.

Electrical wires come in many types and sizes and can transmit different amounts of electrical energy. The basic materials used for making electrical wires are aluminum and copper, with copper having better conductivity. Small-sized cables are universally utilized for smaller devices that don’t pull much energy. What follows is an explanation of the top four wires and a guide on choosing one.

Underground Feeder Cable

An underground feeder cable, or UF, is a non-metallic wire type for damp areas, and these wires are often buried underground. This kind of wire has been widely used to transmit current for electrical components in outdoor and underground wiring scenarios. The outer plastic sheathing is robust and gray in color.

Low-Voltage Wire

Low-voltage cables are the most prevalent for indoor as well as outdoor wiring. They are popular in doorbells, lighting appliances, sprinkler systems, and thermostats. These wires work best for circuits rated below 50 volts. The cables either have cable sheathing or insulation.

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NM Cable

NM (non-metallic) wire is a versatile wire used in residential settings. It is UL-approved for safety and among the most flexible and economical wires. Non-metallic solid cables are ideal for holders, fittings, and controls, while stranded options are perfect for long runs. Almost every NM-type cable is color-coded.

Armored Cable

Local electrical wiring regulations are often stricter than national codes. Consequently, some local areas have prohibited using NM cables but have approved of using armored cables which have flexible metallic sheathing to protect the interior conductor.

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