December 20, 2021

Nearly every household uses extension cords for projects ranging from landscaping to Christmas decorations. But if used incorrectly, an extension cord becomes a risk to the user and a liability to its owner. The following are tips to ensure that your extension cords are used safely at home or work.

Keep Cords Away From Walkways

Cords are damaged more easily when they’re left lying on walkways in homes and buildings. Visible cords are constantly being stepped on, kicked aside or thrown, and mishandled. Find an alternative route to run your cords without getting in other people’s way.

Replace Old Cords

Most people want to find an immediate solution to their cord problems. They may tape over any breakage or avoid touching the broken, exposed parts of the cord. If you’ve had cords for over 20 years and have used them nearly every day, the best solution is to replace them. The cords are likely to be damaged somehow due to old age and frequent use.

Do Not Overload Electrical Cords

A strong surge of electricity flows through your electrical cord every time the machine is turned on. Overloading occurs when you use powerful machines that consume a lot of electricity and force the cord to consume more power than it can handle. Overloading that occurs too often may cause overheating that leads to burnout of appliances or even a fire.

Use the Right Cord

Although all extension cords tend to look alike, there are different types and sizes to choose from. The biggest issue is buying a cord that is too short and too rigid. Choose a flexible cord that’s based on the maximum length that you plan to travel with it. Also, know that thicker cords are capable of carrying additional power. Start with a cord that carries a minimum of 15 amps.

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