July 20, 2022
surge protector in Ambler, PA

A surge protector diverts an extra electrical charge into grounding wires, preventing it from reaching your device. We offer whole-home surge protection to ensure you get the security you need for your entire residence. Here are some of the factors to consider when buying a surge protector.

Joules Rating

This is the amount of protection a surge protector can offer. It is the number of joules that the surge protector can absorb. When buying a surge protector, choose one with a higher joule rating. A higher joule rating will ensure that your surge protection is sufficient. At It's On Electrical, LLC, we offer a whole-home surge protector with a high joule rating.

Clamping Voltage

Clamping voltage is the amount of voltage allowed by the surge protector to pass through into your device. Too high or too low a clamping voltage is detrimental. If it’s too high, it ruins your devices, and if it’s too low, the surge protector does not work as expected due to frequent shutdowns. Our experts will know how much clamping voltage you need and give you options to choose from.


Compatibility must be considered before buying a surge protector. The protector must have the capability to work with the level of power consumption of your appliances. If the surge protector you choose is not strong enough, it will not work with appliances that utilize high power consumption.


The company you buy your surge protector from should offer reasonable warranty terms. This warranty is important as it deals with expensive appliances in your home. The firm you work with should be ready to compensate you if the surge protector does not do its job as intended.


Electric instabilities that occur yearly in Ambler can cause significant damage to appliances and electronics. Choosing a good surge protector for your devices is key because having an inefficient one is the same as having none at all. It's On Electrical, LLC provides efficient surge protectors for your home gadgets. Other services at our company include walkway lighting, security lighting, lighting controls, and garden lighting. Fan repair and replacement, general wiring, and generators are also among our offerings. Contact us at [company name] today for more information.

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