October 14, 2023
outdoor lighting in Ambler

When the weather’s nice, you likely want to spend as much time outdoors as possible enjoying your landscaping and family events. Exterior lighting is a wonderful way to make better use of your backyard and extend your entertainment space. Here are a few tips to keep in mind when determining the ideal outdoor lighting fixtures for your unique property.

Utilize Different Lighting Types

The three common lighting types to include around your property are accent, task, and ambient. Ambient or general lighting provides a large amount of light, which can be achieved with wall or hanging fixtures. Task lighting helps you to accomplish certain goals like offering security or illuminating a path or porch. Finally, accent lighting highlights key features like your favorite garden statues with fixtures like spotlights.

Consider Your Security Needs

While you may be tempted to think solely of creating ambiance, it’s also important to consider your home’s security. It’s recommended to keep all of the entrances to your home well-illuminated. Other popular options include mounting a light above the garage or in the eaves of your second story. These fixtures can both deter home intruders and give your home a striking profile.

Opt for Subtle Lighting

In your entertainment areas, stick to soft bulbs and fixtures rather than blinding spotlights. Indirect, gentle light creates a calm atmosphere perfect for late-night gatherings. You can achieve this ambiance with charming lanterns, hanging lights, and even ceiling fans. If you have an outdoor kitchen, opt for dimmer controls so you can better adjust your lighting per your needs.

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