August 11, 2022
Ceiling Fan in Ambler, PA

Ceiling fans provide invaluable air circulation benefits and save you money on your energy bill. As these helpful fixtures age and wear down, they can become safety hazards if not promptly replaced. While you may feel comfortable changing out your fan, it’s often better to rely on an electrician who can safely handle your home’s wiring.

Ceiling Fan Replacement

It’s time to consider a ceiling fan replacement if your current fixture is making odd noises, not responding to the switch or looks more wobbly than usual. These fixtures are removed by turning off your electricity, unscrewing the canopy covering and disconnecting the wires. A new ceiling fan with similar energy needs can be reinstalled in the same location.

Relying on a local electrical company will guarantee the installation is done safely and correctly. Your ceiling fan may have malfunctioned due to a wiring issue or voltage inconsistency. Some wires could have frayed or been chewed through, impacting the electricity in the entire room. Electricians can appraise the situation and find the best solution possible.

They’ll also expand your fixture options, allowing you to install a bigger and better ceiling fan. Electricians can easily move where your ceiling fan is located or install one in a new room. It’s safer for your home and your family to trust a professional electrician to take care of all your residential electrical needs.

Quality Electrical Services in Ambler

It's On Electrical, LLC takes pride in the superior electrical services we offer in Ambler, PA. All of our services are backed by a customer satisfaction guarantee. Our electricians are constantly learning how to repair and install new fixtures and appliances. We put your needs first by offering personalized services based on your budget, comfort and safety. Our company is also licensed, bonded and insured, making us your best choice for reliable and professional care. Count on our team to repair or replace your ceiling fans, outlets or lights. We’re also qualified to handle surge protection installations and generators. Call to schedule an appointment today.

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