March 16, 2021

An unexpected power outage can be disruptive and even dangerous. In some scenarios, you may be able to anticipate this possibility, especially when heavy rainfall, strong winds, or a severe storm is expected. Whether you have advance warning or not, it’s important to take all the precautions you possibly can to prepare. Some of this involves long-term planning, while other aspects depend on last-minute common sense. You can use these tips to reduce the impact of the blackout until the power is back on.

Gas Up

Charging stations, credit card machines, and gas stations will go out during a power outage. Therefore, you should prepare by charging your car or filling it up at the gas station ahead of time. It might help you avoid a lack of vital transportation when an emergency strikes. Once it does, use your vehicle wisely so that you don’t run through your reserve.

Unplug Electronics

There’s a possibility of a voltage spike when the power comes back, and the surge could potentially damage the electronics attached to power outlets. You shouldn’t assume that the power strip will protect your electronics from this. Therefore, it’s wise to unplug them until the power returns.

Don’t Open the Freezer

If the power outage lasts for an extended period of time, you should eat the perishable items in your refrigerator first. They won’t last when the temperature rises. On the other hand, the food in your freezer will hold up for a few days as long as it’s not disturbed. Don’t open the freezer door until you need to.

Create an Emergency Kit

You don’t want to fumble around cabinets and drawers in the dark searching for emergency supplies. That’s why you should organize an emergency kit ahead of time. You can store it in a plastic container and place it in a visible and central part of your house. Your supplies should include flashlights, a first aid kit, easy-to-prepare food items, and a hand-crank radio. A propane stove can also be quite useful at times like these.

If you’d like to avoid the lack of electricity during a blackout, consider installing a backup generator. If you’re anywhere in the Ambler area, the team from It's On Electrical, LLC would be happy to consult with you about it. Our company has qualified professionals who can help you with this or any other electrical issue. Ambler residents count on us for everything from interior and landscape lighting to electrical panels, wiring, and whole-home surge protection. Call us today.

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