January 12, 2024
EV Charging in Ambler, PA

EVs are all the talk these days as more people decide to trade in their gas-fueled cars. Whether you own an EV or are considering purchasing one, you may find yourself in need of an EV charger at home. Trying to find an open charging station can be an inconvenience. It's On Electrical, LLC can assist with your personal EV charging needs.

Benefits of a Home EV Charger

You may be one of the lucky EV owners who have access to an EV charging station at your place of work or a commuter lot. If you work from home or don’t have a charging station nearby, you could benefit from a home EV charger. A home charger installed in your garage or next to your driveway can save you valuable time. While it will increase your electricity costs, it is still less than the cost of gas over time. With a charger at home, you can plug the car in during off-peak hours and you will wake up to a fully charged vehicle.

Considerations Before Installing an EV Charger

There are several factors to consider when you are deciding to install a charging station. These are things that a qualified electrical contractor can advise you on.

You first need to know the size of your existing electrical panel and know if it can take on the additional load. Once you know how much power you have available, you need to decide on the car battery size and the voltage it requires. There are currently two basic battery charger sizes. Level 1 EV car chargers use a standard 120-volt outlet. Level 2 chargers run on a 240-volt clothes dryer outlet. You will also want to figure out how quickly you want the battery to charge.

The final step is to find the ideal location for your EV charger. If you have a garage, this is a great place to install a charger. As you may know from seeing or using chargers in parking lots, there are free-standing EV stations that are weather-resistant and can be placed outside along your driveway.

Professional EV Car Charger Installation

It's On Electrical, LLC has been providing quality indoor and exterior electrical services in the Montgomery County, PA area for eight years. Our expertly trained electricians are skilled in whole-house electrical installations, landscape lighting, generators, EV chargers, and more. We take pride in our professionalism, responsiveness, and competitive pricing.

If you are thinking of installing an EV charging station at your home, give It's On Electrical, LLC a call and we will go over the options and costs that meet your needs and budget.

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