December 20, 2022
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An electrical panel is one of the main distribution centers for the electricity in your home. In winter, the panel can be easily damaged by heavy snow and other harsh conditions. Your lights, circuits and appliances are at risk if the panel is left unprotected outdoors. Here are a few ways you can prepare your electrical panel for the snow.

Cover Your Electrical Panel

Technology is rarely designed to handle the destructive effects of snow and freezing temperatures. The exterior of an electrical device, whether it’s a laptop or a phone, can crack in freezing weather, and its internal parts can stop working altogether.

An outdoor electrical panel, such as a breaker box, needs to be protected from severe winter weather. To protect against heavy snows, freezing temperatures and water damage, you should place a covering over your electrical panel.

Schedule a Maintenance Appointment

An electrical panel could malfunction after experiencing an extremely cold winter. You may notice one or more electrical outlets has stopped working, or you may notice that an electrical appliance works at half of its efficiency level. One way to uncover the damage is to schedule a maintenance checkup.

An electrical specialist will tell you if there’s any serious damage to the panel and to the electrical systems in your home. Our professionals may suggest that you replace the panel if it’s 20 years or older or if it’s not as energy efficient as newer models.

Snow, ice and freezing temperatures are the causes of many household problems that occur during the winter. An outdoor electrical panel could break down and cause your electrical circuits and appliances to malfunction.

It's On Electrical, LLC performs repairs, installations and upgrades on electrical panels in Ambler. We provide emergency services and install whole-home surge protectors to protect your electrical devices. We also install meters and backup generators in advance of a storm. Call us if you need electrical services.

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