July 26, 2021
Dangers of Backfeeding in Ambler, PA

Backfeeding occurs when electricity flows backward from its intended destination. This reversal of flow may occur due to actions by the homeowner or the electric company. If not monitored and controlled carefully, there are several dangers that are present with backfeeding.

How Backfeeding Occurs

Advancements in renewable energy have resulted in reduced energy consumption and increased savings. Excessive amounts of electrical power are being generated and delivered to homes and businesses. The electric utility provider may notice this level of excess and reverse the flow of power back into the electrical grid. There are several other intentional and unintentional causes of this electrical problem.

The Dangers of Excess Power

Backfeeding must be closely monitored, but there are times when a reversed flow of power cannot be detected. This is a dangerous situation for workers who are working on electrical equipment and do not turn off the power first. There are certain protocols that electricians must take to prevent shocks and electrocutions associated with backfeeding incidents.

The risks are increased when a home generator is installed incorrectly. If the flow of power leaves the generator, it could flow back to the main power grid. This could electrocute workers who are trying to restore power lines during a storm. Bystanders to a downed power line are also at risk of being electrocuted.

Furthermore, when two flows of electricity pass through your home circuit, one of your electrical devices may experience an overflow of power and spark a fire. It is recommended that homeowners use a transfer switch to isolate the circuit and safely power a generator without the risks of injury or death.

Contact an Electrical Expert

A flow of electrical power can be reversed accidentally or on purpose, but in either case, it may result in shocks or fatal electrocutions. Every incident of backfeeding is preventable when you contact a professional at It's On Electrical, LLC. We provide electrical repairs, inspections, remodels, and installations, along with emergency services in Ambler, PA. Contact one of our experts today if you experience any type of electrical problem.

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