March 15, 2022
Surge Protector in Ambler, PA

Surge protectors are convenient devices that protect your belongings during electrical emergencies. You won’t have to worry about costly appliance repairs or potential safety hazards anymore. Here’s why you should outfit your home with quality surge protectors now.

Protects Against Electrical Surges

A surge protector acts as a guard between your appliances and the electrical current. Many homes use a standard voltage of 120 volts. However, your outlets can’t always guarantee a consistent voltage amount. During storms or electrical emergencies, more power can run through your home and cause damage to your electronics and appliances. A surge protector moderates that power and ensures only 120 volts are sent to your belongings. The rest of the excess energy is directed to a ground wire inside the surge protector.

Saves Money

Electrical surges can easily compromise your refrigerator, TV, and other expensive belongings. Surge protectors will keep essential belongings like your computer and hard drives safe. Surge protectors will both extend the lifespan of your high-end electronics and save them from being completely fried. You can rest easy when you’re out of town or on a trip knowing your home is protected against electrical emergencies.

Surge Protector vs. Power Strip

It’s important to understand the differences between a surge protector and a power strip. While they can look similar, a power strip only extends your available outlet space. You shouldn’t use power strips unnecessarily or for a long time. Surge protectors have built-in protection mechanics that keep your electronics and appliances safe. Always look for a joule rating on your surge protector to determine how much energy it can safely absorb.

Call the Professionals

It's On Electrical, LLC offers top-quality electrical services throughout Ambler, PA. We always put your needs and safety first. Trust us to inspect your home’s electrical wiring or install a whole-home surge protector. We can also remodel your home’s wiring, install a backup generator, or replace old electrical panels. In addition, our team offers a range of indoor and outdoor lighting services. Call one of our expert electricians today to schedule an appointment.

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