December 13, 2023
Electrical repair in Ambler, PA

Owning a home is a big part of the American dream, but it’s also a big responsibility. There are a variety of things a homeowner should know to take care of their Ambler, PA, home’s main systems. To help, we explain how to troubleshoot three of the most common electrical problems homeowners face.

1. Sunken Outlets

One of the most common electrical problems homeowners encounter is sunken outlets. This refers to electrical outlets that sit too deep in a wall, leaving a gap between themselves and their wall plates. The good news is that this is an easy problem to fix. Simply turn off the circuit breaker that’s powering the outlet and remove its wall plate. You can then install outlet shims or spacers to make the outlet flush with the wall and reinstall the wall plate before turning the circuit breaker back on.

2. Over-Lamping

Although you may not know it, every light socket in your home has a maximum bulb wattage it can support. However, it isn’t unusual for people to install bulbs that exceed those wattage limits either intentionally or unintentionally. To fix the problem, simply look at each fixture to see its maximum wattage rating and make sure the bulbs you’re using aren’t exceeding the limits. If you find a fixture with no wattage markings, use a 60-watt bulb to stay safe.

3. Tripping Breakers

If you find that certain circuit breakers in your home trip frequently, don’t panic. First, look at what you’ve got plugged into the affected circuit. Then total up the wattage of the devices. For a 15-amp circuit, you shouldn’t exceed 1,450 watts of devices. For a 20-amp circuit, you can safely power up to about 1,920 watts. If you’re under those values and the breaker keeps tripping anyway, call It's On Electrical, LLC so we can replace it for you.

It's On Electrical, LLC is the only name you need to know for all of your home’s electrical needs in Ambler. We offer comprehensive electrical services that include everything from simple outlet and switch replacements to installing and caring for electrical panels, surge protectors, and everything in between. We even offer emergency electrical services for problems that can’t wait. The next time you have an electrical problem or need an electrical upgrade for your Ambler home, call It's On Electrical, LLC right away.

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