November 19, 2023
What is the best wattage for bathroom lighting?

Most homeowners in Ambler, PA, know that the functionality of their home’s bathrooms is important. However, there’s one part of that functionality that’s often under-appreciated. It’s how bright the lighting in a bathroom should be. To help, read through this guide on choosing the best wattage for your bathroom lighting.

Proper Lighting by Bathroom Size

When it comes to the main lighting fixtures in your bathrooms, the size of each bathroom is an important factor. For the average master or guest bathroom, most experts recommend using 75- to 100-watt light bulbs. In a larger space, 100-watt bulbs should provide ample lighting without being overwhelming.

In smaller or medium bathrooms, such as small powder rooms and half-baths, you shouldn’t use bulbs that exceed 60 watts in the main lighting fixture(s). Any more than that would create a blinding, uncomfortable experience for anyone who uses your bathrooms.

Adding Secondary Lighting

It’s important to remember that you can always add secondary lighting to your bathrooms, if necessary. The goal with your main fixtures is to provide comfortable, general-purpose lighting. You can then add specific types of task lighting if you need to.

For example, you could install vanity lighting to provide extra brightness during grooming tasks and makeup application. Most vanity fixtures include multiple bulbs, and you can choose an option that’s as bright or dim as your needs dictate. The average vanity fixture, however, will feature bulbs that are no more than 60 watts each.

Your Bathroom Lighting Experts

If you need help designing the perfect lighting setup for the bathrooms in your Ambler, PA, home, It's On Electrical, LLC can help. We offer comprehensive interior lighting services, including lighting repair, design, bathroom lighting and fixture installation. We also offer a full complement of electrical services, just in case your home needs any additional wiring to complete your bathroom lighting installation. We even handle landscape lighting to beautify the exterior of your home.

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