April 12, 2021
Ceiling Fan

Sometimes, a ceiling fan could be more than enough to cool a home’s interior when the temperature ticks up. Homeowners might even use the fan in conjunction with the air conditioning system. Both should work well together and especially do so when the fan spins in the right direction. Yes, a fan delivers different results based on whether running clockwise or counterclockwise.

Choosing the Right Direction to Spin the Ceiling Fan

During the summer, changing the fan’s direction to counterclockwise seems wise. When the fan runs counterclockwise, it will push cold air down to the floor. Gaining more cooler air on the “ground level” should make the interior more comfortable.

During the winter, a switch to clockwise delivers the opposite – and still intended – result. Running the fan clockwise would help deliver warmer air to the ground level.

Upgrading the Ceiling Fan

It might be worth asking how well the ceiling fan turns. The fan should operate smoothly and not make any odd noises no matter what direction it turns. Older ceiling fans may suffer from mechanical and other issues, though. A service technician could check the fan out and see if it requires a tune-up. Maybe the service visit could also include a complete tune-up of the HVAC system. Homeowners shouldn’t let the HVAC unit go too long without a thorough inspection and cleaning.

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An Effect on the Cooling

Homeowners rely mainly on their HVAC systems to regulate the temperature inside a home. A ceiling fan could help keep the temperature at the preferred level and take some work from the HVAC system. The result might be reduced energy costs and improved efficiency.

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